Anthony Lo Surdo SC is an Australian Commercial Silk practising from chambers in Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin, London and Dubai, specialising in all forms of alternative dispute resolution including mediation, arbitration and expert determination.

Anthony has mediated a vast array of disputes since he was first accredited in 1993, including more recently, in a virtual or online format.

He uses his experience as Senior Counsel and as an internationally and nationally accredited and advanced mediator to quickly identify the issues, to gain an understanding of the interests of the opposing parties and to establish a platform from which to facilitate a fair and efficient resolution of a dispute.

He is particularly adept at navigating the intricacies of complicated multi-party commercial, insurance, building and construction, partnership, property and shareholder disputes.

As a testament to his wealth of experience in mediation, in 2017 Anthony was certified as a mediator by the International Mediation Institute in the Hague. He joins a select number of mediators in Australia to achieve that qualification and the only Silk. In 2017, he was also certified as a mediator by the Singapore International Mediation Institute.

Anthony is an arbitrator and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, a Fellow of the Australian Centre for Commercial Arbitration and a Fellow of Resolution Institute. He is registered in the Australian Register of Arbitrators as a Grade 1 Arbitrator. He is also registered as an International and Domestic Arbitrator by the National Court of Justice of Papua New Guinea. He has sat as both a sole and panel arbitrator (including as Chair) domestically and internationally.

He is also registered by Resolution Institute as an expert determiner and is regularly appointed in that role.

I was never ruined but twice – once when I lost a lawsuit, once when I won one – Voltaire

Thank you very much…for your patient and skilful guiding of the matter to a resolution.” Senior counsel, NSW Bar

“…thanks to you for your excellent management of a complex and sometimes fractured day. I look forward to the next time you get to mediate one of my matters!” Senior junior barrister, NSW Bar

“…I have a high opinion of the way you conducted the mediation. It was exemplary. The savings to the parties and the public purse must be immense.” Senior junior barrister, NSW Bar