“You did  a great job yesterday. The mediation could easily have failed at the outset, but your perseverance, patience and skill kept the two men talking. This and a bit of amateur psychology may yet bring a compromise; at least the parties will have been given a fair opportunity to resolve their differences.”  Senior Counsel, NSW Bar

Thank you for your work in preparing for the mediation. It invoked a great deal of confidence in the client and made my life immeasurably easier…

It was a pleasure working with you also and I will be unreservedly recommending you in future mediations involving my clients and to colleagues…” Senior Junior Counsel, NSW Bar

“Thank you for your assistance in this matter. I will definitely put you on my recommended list of mediators.” Head of Litigation and Dispute Resolution of a major global insurer.

“I must declare I was impressed and totally blown away by the management of the mediation by [Anthony] … [he] was honest, forthright, and his dogged, gentle but astute goading of the parties to narrow their differences was the epitome of what a competent mediator should strive to achieve. I was starting to lose faith in ADR and certainly I had no expectations going into it yesterday but [he] brilliantly manoeuvered a masterful result and I am lost for words.” – Solicitor at a suburban law firm.

“[S]killed facilitation and mediator skills … that culminated in the result.” Principal at a national law firm.

“I appreciated [his] effort to resolve the dispute in a very efficient way … I was very impressed with [his] mediation skills.” Solicitor at a Sydney suburban law firm.

“The proceedings are settled. [Anthony’s] assistance was instrumental in enabling the parties to reach this point.” Senior Associate of a national law firm.

“This was a tough mediation. There were so many obstacles to settlement so the fact that the parties achieved a resolution is a credit to Anthony.” Partner of a specialist insurance firm.

“Our confidence in Mr Lo Surdo proved to be well placed. Whilst the matter did not settle at mediation on the day, it settled shortly after. In my opinion the settlement of the dispute (which had been the subject of 2 previous rounds of difficult negotiations) occurred in consequence of Mr Lo Surdo’s assistance as Mediator.”  Partner of a global law firm.

“Mr Lo Surdo’s conduct of the mediation facilitated circumstances in which the convergence of opinion on questions of fact and law was facilitated, principally by him.” Partner of a global law firm.

“The matter settled. [Anthony’s] involvement and approach was in my assessment integral to achieving that outcome.”  Principal of a leading Australian commercial law firm.

It was a pleasure working with a mediator who had obviously read the brief, was thoroughly prepared and was willing to engage with the issues.” A Sydney Commercial Silk.

“You did a great job to get the parties this close. It looked pretty forlorn when I left.” A Melbourne Commercial Silk.

“It was a difficult case. I thought settlement was unlikely. It was a long day, but through Mr Lo Surdo’s perseverance and good advice, it settled. It helped that he was not shy in offering his opinion.” Counsel at the NSW Bar.

The mediator quickly identified the real issues in the Proceedings, informed all parties of the appropriate litigation risk that existed and assisted in negotiating an agreeable settlement for all parties involved.” Solicitor at a national law firm.

Ability to quickly determine and articulate the issues in contention allowing parties considerable time to focus on achieving outcome…an experienced commercial negotiator who was able to challenge both parties in their thinking on their respective positions.” Head of Legal at a major Australian Charity.

It was a pleasure doing the mediation with you.  I must say that I think you are the best mediator I have used because you temper the mediation element with some plain speaking that many other mediators seem to avoid.” Senior Partner at a Sydney law firm.

Thanks for all your work today. It was a real pleasure to have a mediator who didn’t give up and assisted the parties seeing the real issues.” Senior junior barrister, NSW Bar

“…I have a high opinion of the way you conducted the mediation. It was exemplary. The savings to the parties and the public purse must be immense.” Senior junior barrister, NSW Bar

“…thanks to you for your excellent management of a complex and sometimes fractured day. I look forward to the next time you get to mediate one of my matters!” Senior junior barrister, NSW Bar

Thank you very much…for your patient and skilful guiding of the matter to a resolution.” Senior counsel, NSW Bar