IMI Certified Mediator

International Mediation Instititute

In 2017 and as part of his on-going commitment to excellence in mediation, Anthony Lo Surdo SC attained certification as a mediator by the International Mediation Institute (IMI). He joins a select number of mediators in Australia to achieve that qualification and the only Silk.

Many thanks to those who took the time out of their busy professional lives to complete the “Mediator Feedback Forms” which forms the basis of the Mediator Feedback Digest compiled by Anthony’s Peer Reviewer, Mr Alan Limbury.

Every IMI Certified Professional Mediator has attained a high standard of professional competency in the practice of mediation. “Professional Mediation Worldwide” is the vision of the IMI. The IMI seeks to achieve this vision by (a) setting and achieving high mediation standards; (b) convening stakeholders and parties; (c) promoting understanding and adoption of mediation among users and their advisers, and (d) disseminating skills for parties, counsel and mediators.

People who select an IMI Certified Mediator will be obtaining the services of a quality professional who is the right person to assist them in resolving their dispute.

More information on the IMI is available on its website: where Anthony’s IMI Profile may also be viewed

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